Everyone at our company loves customer acquisition.

Our team has years of experience in telephone acquisition especially in making B2B appointments. 

Please note how our approach differs from a call center in its decentralized approach in our daily business.


Telephone acquisition is an instrument that we can do excellently. 

Win new customers by making appointments with your target group.The generation of leads is one of our further services.

We open the doors to new customers.


National and international companies. It's a wide range of industries working with us. 

Whether industry or also service providers: producers of medical devices or electrical engineering, financial service providers, leading software developers or also the automotive sector.



We open the doors to your new customers. Before we start the making of appointments with your new customers in the context of telephone acquisition, an exact coordination and approach to your target group is necessary. Then we plan our campaign in detail before we start the practical implementation of your appointments.



We know how to get past the human firewalls, i.e. the switchboard and the secretaries on the telephone. The coordination of various parameters is very important beforehand for excellent appointment acquisition.Questions about the potential for arranging an appointment. Or which information should be requested for the preparation of the appointment. Each campaign is set up individually in our CRM system.


Qualified addresses for scheduling can be provided by you or us with the necessary characteristics such as turnover or number of employees of your target group or we can rent them from our brokers.


The quality of the addresses always plays a large part in the success of the scheduling of your new customers in telephone acquisition. 


Compared to a call center, we rely on cooperation with experienced agents.

They work for us as freelancers in their home offices throughout Germany, independent of our location, and are securely connected to our CRM system.

According to their affinity to industries & education we plan our team for our customers. Call centers on the other hand work with locally available employees.

We are independent of this.


If our agents are now in conversation and have reached the decision-maker after the start of the campaign or the telephone call, it is determined whether an appointment is appropriate. For this purpose, we use the potential criteria previously agreed with you in a dialogue to make an appointment.

If an appointment is now made, we will send a confirmation of the appointment by e-mail directly after the meeting. CI-conform and with the company signature of our customer.


We make the dialogue as if your customers are our customers. 

Our agents also handle the qualified addresses very carefully, as addresses cause costs.

Due to our know-how in the acquisition of appointments, qualitative B2B appointments will be arranged and no coffee appointments.

Compared to a call center even with a lower address consumption. 


By the way, we also schedule your field service visits to your existing customers. For this purpose, we have a software for optimized route planning in use for you.

This is how scheduling works for us as a "door opener" to your target group for you.