Before we start the making of appointments with your new customers in the context of telephone acquisition, an exact coordination and approach to your target group is necessary. Then we plan our campaign in detail before we start the practical implementation of your appointments. We are located in Germany, but our agents speak foreign languages fluently as well.


We know how to quickly get past the human firewalls, i.e. the switchboard and the secretaries on the telephone. Once the decision-maker has reached, we arouse exactly the amount of interest in the conversation that is necessary to arrange an appointment. Before that, the coordination of various parameters is very important to ensure an excellent making of appointments. These include the prerequisites based on a few questions about the potential for arranging an appointment. We also discuss what further information should be requested for the preparation of the appointment. Also of interest are the reasons why an appointment was not wanted.

This information will be made available to our customers as well. In this way, addresses can then be tracked specifically, where a later contact by you or us is again worthwhile.

Each campaign is also set up individually in our dialer / CRM system. 

Telefonakquise B2B


You or we can provide qualified addresses with the necessary characteristics for your target group.

These can be rented for use from our brokers. In case of multiple use, a purchase is useful.

The addresses are also geocoded for telephony.

This is the basis for an efficient and by our system generated tour planning of your custom-fit customer appointments.

The quality of the addresses always plays a large part in the success of making appointments of your new customers in telephone acquisition.


Sales figures or the exact target group can be criteria for a qualified address.


Compared to a call center, we rely on cooperation with experienced agents.

They work for us as freelancers in their home offices throughout Germany, independent of our location, and are securely connected to our CRM system (More on this in the Data Security menu).

According to their affinity to industries & education we plan our team for our customers. Call centers, on the other hand, usually only work with locally available employees. We are independent of this. For our customers, we use the appropriate agents in telephone acquisition.

The training on the products is together with our customer at the beginning of a cooperation.



Once our team has started the telephone conversation and reached the decision-maker, we will determine whether an appointment or visit is at all appropriate.

For this purpose, we use the potential criteria questions of making an appointment, which we have previously agreed with you, in a dialogue.

If an appointment is now made, we send a confirmation of the appointment by e-mail directly after the conversation.

CI-conform and with the company signature of our customer.

The appointment is also entered into a calendar application.

This mobile calendar can be accessed via any device that is connected to the Internet or has a browser.


We act in the name of our customers at all times.  During the telephony, a telephone number of our customer is displayed for all calls.This creates an obligation for us. We do the dialogue as if your customers were our customers. Our team also handle the qualified addresses very carefully. Because addresses cause costs. We do not use a power dialer, as we believe that this would mean that quality would fall. Our know-how in the acquisition of appointments means that qualitative appointments are made and not random hits or non-binding "coffee" appointments. Compared to a call center even with a lower address consumption. By the way, we also schedule field service visits for your existing customers.

For this purpose, we have a software for optimized route planning tool in use for you. This way, the making of B2B-appointments by phone works for us as a "door opener" for the successful customer acquisition of your target group.

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