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We love telephone acquisition. Our mission is your success. 

Founded in March 2016, we have chosen our company name for the composition from the terms dialogue and union.

The Duden defines a dialogue as conversation between two interest groups. 
Dialogue and Union now together, simply describes us and our mission as ideal. 

We are successful in telephone acquisition and are also active in other areas of B2B dialogue marketing. 
We only realize B2B campaign. Currently we are about 40 specialists who enjoy of communication. All colleagues have the goal to have perfect and excellent conversations on the phone. Our discussion partners on the phone are the decision-makers, that are of importance to our clients. 

They are the right contacts to win new customers.

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At first glance, our company is still relatively young at six years.

But the entire team behind DialogUnion is much more experienced and has grown over many years.

We come from well-known companies before we joined together.

  • Our working methods are largely decentralised, which means that our team is independent of the location of our agency. They work for us nationwide in D-A-CH and are planned in the customer-campaigns with accordance to their previous education or training in the industry.

  • They have many years of telemarketing expertise.

  • 100% DSGVO-compliant operation.

  • Compared to a call centre, we are therefore independent of the local situation in terms of resources.

  • We can always provide the right expert for our customers in a timely manner, e.g. to arrange appointments for new customers in B2B telephone acquisition.


We are very proud to be recommended from our customers to others in their network.


Nothing would work without our well experienced telemarketers and their know-how on the phone. The basis for our success is their affinity for our customers products.

They have many years of experience in telephone acquisition & make telephone calls with your target group in the form of a dialogue. We are convinced that strict call guidelines cannot be the basis for truthful and successful communication. After all, your customers do not have one.
Our team has medical, technical or commercial background and 
working from the home office. Our team from the headquarters is in constant contact with them as if they were on site with us. They are all connected to our CRM system, the important need of data protection is guaranteed at all times. 

Management. Ingo Rohla is leading the DialogUnion. Customer satisfaction is not the only important thing for him. Celebrate success, appreciation and support within the team plays a major role in the daily work of our company for him as well.

Our Managing Director has more than twenty years of experience in B2B dialogue marketing.
Ensuring quality is a very high priority for him.
Therefore, he is also passionately responsible for the area of recruitment and coaching

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