We take data protection procedures very seriously. By the way, we have been doing so long before the introduction of the DSGVO. 


Let us start with our Elsbeth. She is a very important "person". 


We use Elsbeth for B2B termination in Germany. "She" coordinates the calls to be made by the contacts as a premium dialer system. For example, "she" synchronizes the calendars of sales representatives. Or sends reports and above all the confirmations of appointments by e-mail. All agents are connected to our Elsbeth. The secure handling of data is guaranteed at all times in compliance with the DSGVO.  Elsbeth is "only" a product of Enghouse AG. But for us it is important for a successful B2B telephone acquisition because of its many functions for making appointments.

But what is the basis for the fact that, using Elsbeth as an example, the data is secure?

Of course we implement technical and organizational arrangements for the purpose of data protection and data security.

We do this to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information processed on behalf of our clients. These measures include access controls, for example. These include all measures to prevent unauthorised persons from gaining access to the data processing systems with which our clients' personal data are processed.

We have successfully implemented further measures with controls on access, entries, forwarding, availability and with concepts for authorization as well as ensuring the requirement to separate data.


We will be pleased to record these points in detail as an annex to our contracts on request. Because we want you to feel secure with us in telephone acquisition.

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