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Prior to the start of our activities, a process coordination with the goal of a successful lead generation of the selected target group is necessary. Together we determine under which conditions a lead is valuable for you.

There are various models for the qualification of B2B-Leads. 

For a long time, leads were strictly considered according to the BANT-criteria. 

That is, according to budget, authority, need and timelines. From our point of view, this model is still valid in its main features. This is despite the fact that a lot has changed in B2B sales since the 1960s, after IBM developed this lead evaluation model. 

As a matter of principle, the evaluation of leads should take more far-reaching aspects into account. This can be, for example, the duration of (complex) decision processes and the number of many decision makers in the context of authority. 

Thus, even very promising leads can initially turn out to be uninteresting, if, for example, your actual service portfolio differs too much from the requirements of investment projects in industry. 

b2b leads
Leads B2B

Taking into account the classic band-criteria and other variables is a modern approach for us. This can be the consideration of the structure of the sales department or a changed Need analysis considering our fast digital age. Or to consider the portfolio and marketing orientation more strongly and individually.
We advise our customers to focus on leads in the right way and use the right time for this.

So the first step in our cooperation is the exact analysis of your ACTUAL situation and requirements.

Your customer-specific objectives are defined, based on the sales or marketing orientation. We will now agree with you which tools will be used to process the data.

We then define each stage in the process.

Depending on the objective, an action is defined in each process.

This can be, for example, a contact by means of a call. Or a call is followed by an e-mail and then another call (Call-Mail-Call). In our system the control possibilities are very diverse. Through an optimal transformation of the targets we ensure a high lead quality. The transmission of your the B2B leads takes place with all previously defined information at the right time.

You decide whether we receive the leads back for further processing. The potential of the lead then defines the follow-up action. If the criteria are fulfilled to a high degree, this could be, for example, an on-site visit. In this step, we will gladly or usually take over the arrangement of appointments so that you can present your portfolio on site. We would be happy to provide you with a detailed offer for the generation of B2B leads from Germany. 

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